Main and Auxiliary

  • Repairs and overhauls of main and auxiliary engines
    • Disassembly and assembly of all engine units
    • Exchange and survey of main bearings
    • Overhauls and repairs of turbochargers
    • Inspection and repairs of fuel pumps
    • Inspection and testing of injectors
    • Inspection and repairs of engine components
    • Honing (also in situ) cylinder liners
    • Machining of valves seats (also in situ)
    • Overhauls of vibration dampers
    • Governors overhauls (o/b or in workshop)
  • Complete crankshaft condition assessment (also in situ) including hardness testing
    and pins straightness
  • Engines adjustments
  • Reduction gears inspection and repairs
  • Work with SKF type connection (also using own injectors)
  • Propeller shaft works
  • Blades repairs
  • Engine systems modifications for ULS (SECA zones)


  • 1
    Our mission

    We meet our client’s requirements and establish a long term relationship and cooperate together with our partners.

  • 2
    Our specialization

    We are specializing in works on board of the vessels as well as in our own workshop.

  • 3
    Our offer

    We offer ability to perform thorough repairs, on the board and in our workshop


I. Main and Auxiliary Engines

Repairs, overhauls, inspections

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II. Ballast Water Management System

Design, installation, service

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III. Auxiliary machinery and devices

Class surveys, overhauls, repairs

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IV. Steel works

All kinds of steel works

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V. Pipelines

Production, repairs, tests

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